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View Depth

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View Depth

If there are current bids and/or offers for a particular instrument, view the nine best bids and offers in a Depth window.




Select the instrument for which depth is to be shown by right-clicking the mouse on the instrument - a pop-up menu appears. Select Depth:

A Depth window is displayed:




Viewing Cumulative Depth

Cumulative Depth show the sum of depth rows with the same price.


To open the Cumulative Depth window, right-click on an opened depth window and click on View Cumulative Depth.
Cumulative depth can also be opened by using the shortcut F4 on your keyboard.



Whenever you open a Depth window, the color green means that the login member has an active order in at that row. This is found in a Normal and Cumulative Depth window.
The color orange (only found in cumulative depth) means the login member has an active order at that price, but at a fraction of the total sum of the depth line.
Additionally: Once the Cumulative Depth window has been opened, you can use the shortcut key F4, in order to toggle between the view of the normal and cumulative depth windows.


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