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Swordfish in 10 easy steps

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1.Swordfish Installation - How to download, install and view the Swordfish trading platform.
2.Log in to Swordfish sfLive - How to log in, create a watchlist window, view instrument depth and open a chart.
3.Swordfish Windows Docking - Learn how to use window docking, tabbed documents and panels to optimize your Swordfish workspace.
4.Charting Menus and Chart Icons - The Swordfish chart menus and icons explained in detail.
5.Chart Zooming - How to zoom and view full-screen charts.
6.Order Placement - Placing and managing of orders.
7.Executing of Trades - View the result when orders are matched.
8.Triggered Orders - Triggered orders explained.
9.Chart Indicators - Learn how to use indicators on Swordfish charts.
10.Chart Drawing Tools - See how to use drawing tools on Charts.



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