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Exporting XML

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Most of the 'views' windows (Deals, Orders, etc.) allow the export of their data to an XML file. This file can then be opened in Internet Explorer for a print-friendly view or newer applications that can open the XML file.




Right-click the mouse anywhere inside a window, select Export, XML:

XML Clicked


A dialog box will appear asking whether to open the XML file in the web browser:


XML Open browser


If 'yes' is selected the XML will be displayed in the web browser:


Browser opened




1.Exporting the XML will write the windows data to a file located on your machine with a file name corresponding to the window name, E.g. Completed Orders will create a file called 'compords.xml'.
2.Exporting the XML will overwrite any previous XML file for that particular window - If you wish to retain the XML data, copy the file to another location on your machine.

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