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Entity Maintenance

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This section describes the action that can be taken on the client window. These include adding of new clients, editing of client accounts, changing the account status of clients and adding new client sub accounts.


Adding a client account



1.Open the Client window by clicking on View > Clients from the menu bar at the Swordfish main menu:



2. Select new client from the header options and enter the required information as illustrated below:



3. Once the required information is entered, click on submit for the client account to be added.



Editing of client accounts



1. To edit an existing client account, select edit client from the client window.


2. Edit or remove the desired information from the below window and click on submit.



Changing account status



1. To change the status of a client account from verified to unverified or vice versa, select status change from the clients window.





2. Change the status by selecting verified or unverified and see the change in the verified column.


Adding new client Sub Accounts



1. From the client window select new client sub account.


2. The client detail for the selected will appear. Now select submit for sub account to be created for the relevant client.





Be aware that the SAFEX client account has to be “enabled for sub clients” by SAFEX otherwise you will get an appropriate error message indicating the problem.





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