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An additional method to extend the organisation of windows is the use of panels. There is a default panel named 'Main' which cannot be renamed or deleted. A collection of windows can be displayed on a panel.


Creating Panels



Once Swordfish is open and connected to an exchange, click on Window > New Panel from the menu at the top of Swordfish.


Type in a new name. Eg. "My New Panel". Click on OK.



In the image below the new panel can be seen.



Panels can also be renamed and deleted after the initial creation. Right-click the mouse to see the context menu appear.






Changing the order of Panels

Panels can be manually shifted in any preferred order.



This is done by clicking on a Panel and dragging it to the desired location.








1.If a panel is in input focus press Ctrl + Tab to iterate through the Panels, or press Ctrl + Page Up or Page Down.

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