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Silo Spot Basis Watchlist

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A Silo Spot Basis watchlist can be created by using the Silo Auto Subscribe menu option.




1.To open a new Silo Spot Basis watchlist navigate to Window > New > Silo spot Basis. No instruments will be visible on the initial display of the watchlist.
2.Right-click and select the Auto Subscribe menu option as seen in the image below.


3.The following Auto Subscribe window appears. Make your desired selection choosing from Product, Owner and Location. Silo Spot Basis contracts matching ANY of the specified criteria will be auto subscribed to.
For example if you select product WMAZ and Silo Owner AFG, all WMAZ contracts and all contracts who's owners are AFG will be auto subscribed to.




4.Click on OK to confirm your selection and see the available instruments (if bids and offers have been made) on the market for your selected criteria.


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