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Submitting a Silo Spot Basis Offer

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This section explains how to submit a Silo Spot Basis offer to the exchange.




1.Ensure that you are logged in to the Safex Agricultural exchange, ensure is your Swordfish selected exchange and ensure you have trading rights on this exchange. If unsure about your trading rights then contact your broker to verify your rights.
2.Access a previous used Silo Spot Basis watchlist on the Window menu or create a new Silo Spot Basis Watchlist
3.Click on any of the following quantity cells: Quantity Bid labeled as Qty A or Bid Price labeled as Price A.




4.See the Ask (SELL) window (below) for the Silo Spot Basis.



5.Click on the Certificate button to open the Certificates Window. Find the desired certificate, double-click on the certificate row or click on the OK button.


6.See the Ask (SELL) window with the details of the selected certificate:

7.Adjust the required fields and click on the Submit button.


8.Click on the Submit button to send the bid to the exchange. If the bid was accepted by the exchange and if the order did not immediately trade view the order on the Silo Spot Basis Orders window.



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