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Swordfish and Component Features

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Swordfish is a free to use online trading system to view historical end of day data by means of charts. It has basic indicators, enables you to chat with support staff and has integrated links to news Web sites.


Additional software components that can be integrated with Swordfish are:


sfLive - is an account enabled online trading component for financial futures, agricultural futures, currency futures, options, spreads, single stock futures (SSFs) and contract for difference (CFDs).


View live prices from these exchanges:


SAFEX Financial - trading futures, options, spreads and single stock futures.
SAFEX Agricultural - silo spot basis, futures, options, spreads and  splits.
JSE - shares, SSFs and CFDs
Yield X- Currency Futures.
Generic Data Feed - Any exchange data as configured by service providers.


sfTrade - This components has sfLive as prerequisite and sfTrade functionality includes:
Submit orders to market.
View, update, suspend and delete active orders (not yet traded).
View, re-submit and delete suspended orders.
View completed orders (traded orders).
View positions, exercise options and consolidate positions.
Create triggered orders.
View and cancel triggered orders.
Create and submit inactive orders.
View instrument depth.
Deals - Combine, split and correct allocations.
Create Profiles for users that connect to more than one member or server per exchange. This functionality will save re-typing all the log in details when connecting more than once to the same exchange.
Manage Portfolios which are used to create and manage a group of Principals. These groups relate to profit / loss and margin calculations. Settings exist to include or exclude various options that are taken into consideration when calculations are done and a summary displayed to see the results of the calculations.
Manage Alerts which are used to notify you of price changes on one or more instruments. The alert is shown in the Messages tab page and/or as audible sound.


sfCharts - is an advanced charting component with these features:
Live intra-day charts.
Tick charts.
One minute intervals through to 90 minute intervals.
Up to 8 weeks of intra-day data.
Up to 10 years of historic end-of-day data.
More than 100 indicators.
Creating of custom indicators.
Drawing tools.
Visual representation of the spread and depth on the charts.
View active orders on the charts.
View triggered orders on the charts.
View statistics of each data point on the chart. These include date and time, last price, open price, high price, low price, close price, volume, quantity change and percentage quantity change.
Trade directly from the charts (with sfTrade integration).
Creating triggered orders from charts.



sfDDE - Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) is a messaging format which enables communication between certain applications. In the context of sfLive, the DDE product is mostly used to communicate between sfLive and technical analysis software such as MetaStock and TradeStation or with spreadsheet software such as Microsoft Excel™.


sfScript - Create your own indicators with indicator script language.


sfExcel - The Excel interface (sfExcel) is a trading strategy interface for sfLive. It utilizes Microsoft Excel™ in conjunction with sfLive to accept automated orders and also to export live prices.


sfDemo - 'What If Deals' in the sfDemo product allows you to evaluate the result of simulated deals (without a physical deal in the market) for Principals in a particular portfolio. 'What If Deals' will show the effect on Profit and Loss in the Portfolio Summary window. The Simulator provides the opportunity to create a "learning/testing" environment for clients by enabling the exact same functions as the production version, except for a 15 minute delay in data feed.