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Portfolios are used to create and manage a group of Principals. These groups relate to profit / loss and margin calculations. Settings exist to include or exclude various options that are taken into consideration when calculations are done. The Portfolio toolbar allows easy switching from one portfolio to another. Use the Portfolio summary to see the results of the calculations.


Portfolio Setup



Click on Tools from Swordfish menu and then select Portfolio > Setup from the pop-up menu.
Type a name for your Portfolio in the drop-down listbox.
Click on Add. If you have the appropriate permissions see a list of Principals in the left-hand side box.


Portfolio setup


Select one or more Principals by clicking on the respective Principal code. Hold down the Ctrl key when wanting to select more than one code. Double-clicking on a Principal code will move it to the opposite column.
Click on the button as shown in the image below:



Notice your selection is transferred to the Portfolio Principals box.


Portfolio setup done


See the new Portfolio item in Swordfish Portfolio Toolbar.


Portfolio Toolbar


Portfolio Setup General Settings






Live Calc

If checked each live trade will be included in the calculation. Caution:

This option will require more processing power from your computer.


Order Place Calc

If checked will include the values of the current opened order placement dialog box into the calculations. I.e needs order placement dialog box to be visible.


Calc Margin

If checked Margin will be included in Portfolio calculations

Calc Profit/Loss

Calculate the profit and loss. Caution: This option will require more processing power from your computer.


Incl Active Orders

If checked include Active Order quantities into the calculation.

Incl Movements

Incl What If Deals

If checked will take into account the entries in the 'What If Deal' window. See 'What If Deals'.


Delete Portfolio



Open the Portfolio setup window by clicking on Tools > Portfolio > Setup.
Select the correct Portfolio to be deleted from the drop-down listbox.
Click on Delete.



Remove Portfolio Principals



Open the Portfolio setup window by clicking on Tools > Portfolio > Setup.
Select the correct Portfolio.
Click on one or more Portfolio Principals to be removed from the Portfolio.
Click on the button as shown in the image below and notice the Portfolio Principals are moved back to the Principals box.


Remove principals



What If Deals

What If Deals allows you to evaluate the result of simulated deals (without a physical deal in the market) for Principals that are found in a particular portfolio. See Portfolio Setup for the setup of Principals in a portfolio. What if deals will show the affect on Profit and Loss on the Portfolio Summary window.




Open the window by clicking on Swordfish menu Tools >Portfolio > What If Deals.




Click on the checkbox of the insertion row. See the default values of the fields in the row.
Select Exchange , Instrument, Principal, Sub account, Buy or Sell, Quantity and Price values. On the edit of Instrument you will see a button. Click on this button to see the 'Select Instr' window or simply type the instrument code without using the button.


If you used the button then click on the Instrument name in the 'Select Instr' window, then click on OK button to see the instrument in the 'What If Deals' window cell. In the 'Select Instr' window you can use filter criteria cell above each column to narrow down the list of instruments. For example Type 'AG' in the cell above the Instrument column. Use the filter on Exchange column to filter by exchange. Click on the X next to the filter value to remove the filter criteria for the cell.



On the 'What If Deals' window leave the row being edited by clicking away from the row or press the enter key to accept the row values. The image below shows the selected row is not in edit mode.



The current row in the image below has changes that have not yet been accepted. Unwanted changes for the current cell can be undone by pressing the Esc key once. Pressing the Esc key again will undo all changes for the row.



Use the check box to include (box checked) or exclude (box unchecked) a particular 'what if' deal from the Portfolio calculation.
Press the delete key to remove the selected row(s).
See Calculate Portfolio Summary on how to complete the calculation process.



Calculate Portfolio Summary



Find the required Portfolio name in Swordfish Portfolio Toolbar.


Click on calculate image of Portfolio Toolbar.
Click on Swordfish menu Tools > Portfolio > Summary to see the summary information.





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