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Alerts are used to notify you of price changes on one or more instrument. The alert is shown in the Messages tab page. The alert can be made more prominent by adding the 'Beep on alert' sound effect on Environment options.


Adding an Alert



Click on Tools from Swordfish menu and then select Alerts from the pop-up menu. A window appears, click on the instrument drop-down listbox and select the desired instrument.


Select alert



Capture the required value in the appropriate Bid, Ask or Last fields as in image below.


Edit alert



Click on the Active checkbox to have the alert activated.


Activate alert



  An alert can also be added from the instrument search box by selecting the "bell" icon:



Removing an Alert



Click on the instrument in the Active alerts field that needs to be deleted. The instrument is highlighted.


Remove selected alert


Click on the Active checkbox to delete the alert.


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