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Profile Maintenance

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Profile Maintenance options enables you to choose from various options, enabling specific functions in regards with a chosen profile.

It consists of Import, Export, Reset, Delete and Add.





Import Profile

This function enables a recipient to use another user's profile. Also, backed up profiles can be restored.




Open Swordfish, and click on Profile > Import.



Click on the Find button and open the profile.sfp file from the saved location. Note that renaming a profile.sfp file before the import, will create a profile with a new name.




Enter the password if one was supplied and click Ok.
Selected profile will now open in Swordfish.



Export Profile

The Export Profile is used when a user wants to save/back up, and share a profile with another user or for personal use.




Open Swordfish, and click on Profile > Export.


The Export Profile window will appear for your chosen profile. Click on the Save As button to specify the path and file name of the exported profile.




You can now rename and save the profile in a folder.




Click Save. You can add a password, however this function is optional. When choosing to add a password you must let the intended user know what the password is. Then click Ok.



The file will be saved in the desired location and can now be attached in an email for the intended recipient, or is saved for personal use.



Reset Profile

Only the default profile can be reset. Resetting a profile reverts the profile as it was at the time of Swordfish installation. Your exchange log in details will be preserved when you reset your profile.


Delete Profile

Only a profile created by the user can be deleted via this option, thus the Default profile cannot be deleted.




Open Swordfish, and click on Profile > Delete.




1.The Delete functionality (after confirmation) removes the profile from Swordfish but still keeps the information on storage media. Pressing a "Shift" button while clicking the "Delete" menu item will delete the profile (after confirmation) from Swordfish and delete it from the storage media.



Add Profile



Open Swordfish, and click on Profile > Add, enter the desired name of your profile e.g Mining and click on Add.


The profile is added in the list and selected - ready for use.



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