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Adding / removing instruments

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With Swordfish it is possible to add or remove instruments from a particular window depending on the instruments currently contained within the window and the instruments available on the particular exchange.


Adding Instruments



To add an instrument to the watchlist, right-click on your watchlist and choose Watchlist Setup from the menu.

Tick the checkbox of the desired instrument(s) to add to the view list.
Exit Watchlist Setup by right-clicking and choosing Watchlist Setup.                                                              
The window reverts to normal status, and reflects any changes you have made.


You are also able to add instruments directly via the 'Search Instruments' window to the watchlist, see Dragging of Instruments.


Removing Instruments



To remove an Instrument, right-click on the instrument in the watchlist and click on Remove Instrument.


The Instrument is removed.




Right-click on any Instrument followed by selection of the Watchlist Setup menu option.



Unmark the instrument you wish to remove.





Right-click again and select Watchlist Setup, the window reverts to normal status, and reflects any changes you have made.





1.Although changes made to windows whilst Swordfish is running will be reflected immediately, the changes only become permanent once Swordfish has been closed by the user. At this time the changes are saved.



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