IconSwordfish and Component Features
Icon1. Video Episodes
IconSwordfish in 10 easy steps
Icon2. Getting Started
IconOpening Swordfish
IconLogging in
IconLogging in to multiple exchanges
IconCreating instrument watchlist windows
Icon3. Working with Swordfish Windows
IconWatchlist Setup
IconSilo Spot Basis Watchlist
IconAdding / removing instruments
IconSorting data
IconPinning windows
IconGrouping data
IconExporting XML
IconDragging and docking
IconCreating tabbed windows
IconUndocking tabbed windows
Icon4. Trading with Swordfish
IconSubmitting an Order
IconActive Orders
IconTriggered Orders
IconSuspended Orders
IconCompleted Orders
IconUnconfirmed Orders
IconUnmatched Deals
IconView Depth
IconTrading with Options
IconTrading with Delta Options
IconTrading with Spreads
IconPortfolio Views
IconInstrument Details
IconSubmitting a Silo Spot Basis Bid
IconSubmitting a Silo Spot Basis Offer
IconSilo Spot Basis Orders
IconSilo Spot Basis Deals
IconSilo Certificates
Icon5. Using Charts
IconTime Frame Charts
IconOpening a chart
IconChart Areas
IconCreate Duplicate Chart
IconReuse Configuration Settings
IconResizing a chart
IconChart Settings
IconDrawing Tools
IconZooming in and out
IconTrade from Chart
IconCustom Indicators
IconAdding Parameters to Custom Indicators
IconData loading / unloading
IconIndicator Script Language
Icon6. Entity Maintenance
Icon7. Swordfish One Login
Icon8. Using DDE
Icon9. Tools in Swordfish
IconEnvironment Options
IconEvent Log
IconInstrument Search
IconProfile Maintenance
IconPrincipal and Dealer Filter
IconSwordfish Keyboard Shortcuts
Icon10. Using Excel
IconStarting Excel
IconReceiving Price Information
IconOrder Input
IconCancelling Orders
IconCompleted Orders
IconImportant Considerations
Icon11. Swordfish Demo

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